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Dwinguler Large Playmat - My Town

The world's best baby playmat. Town themed mat with many building structures, and many objects with words on the other side.

$255.00 incl tax

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The Dwinguler Kid’s Cushioned Playmat provides a soft and safe play area for children to lay, crawl and play. 

On the surface, the vivid coloured pictures with friendly characters, letters, and numbers aid the sensory and educational development of your children. This mat is reversible with print patterns on both sides.

The soft cushioning property of the mat absorbs the sounds of footsteps while protecting your children from hard impacts.  The 15mm thickness insulates them from the cold floor. 

The material used in its manufacture is uninhabitable for ticks and worms making it much more hygienic than carpet.

The one piece waterproof design allows for easy cleanup of accidental spills, and prevents children from easy disassembly unlike other puzzle piece mats.

Tested to US and European safety standards, and made with Phthalate free materials.

  •  Water proof
  •  Primary Composition: PVC (Phthalate Free)
  •  CPSIA (US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified

Dimensions (L x W x T) : 230cm x 140cm x 1.5cm

Weight : 26lb

Made in Korea.

Local delivery in Toronto only.