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Masterpiece Thundercracker

The Toys 'R' Us U.S. exclusive release of Masterpiece Thundercracker.
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Thundercracker looks down on those who cannot fly with sneering disdain, often going out of his way to attack creatures that cannot fly, just to prove his superiority.  It was this attitude that led to him being recruited into the original seekers squadron alongside Starscream and Skywarp.  Though his loyalty to the Decepticon cause is less than total, the fact that he is allowed to indulge his impulse to assault those he considers inferior keeps him flying for Megatron.

Product Features:

  • The toy is approximately 10" high in robot mode and manufactured by Hasbro.  
  • Includes display stand.

Dimensions (Box)

  • Length 6"
  • width 11"
  • Height 11"
  • weight 2 lbs

This is a store bought box that is sealed.

Condition:  New

Delivery within the Toronto area included.


$130.00 incl tax