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Masterpiece Grimlock

The Toys 'R' Us U.S. exclusive release of Masterpiece Grimlock.
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Grimlock is the most fearsome and powerful member of the Dinobots.  Grimlock can be cold, merciless and contemptuous of those he considers beneath him, such as human beings, and at times, even Autobot leader Optimus Prime himself, who Grimlock would gladly supplant as Autobot leader if he were able to, giving him a superiority complex as indicated by his Generation 1 tech specs. Nevertheless, he is a valiant warrior whose actions command respect from all who are witness to them, both friend and foe. One of his most distinguishing features is his famous speech impediment, resembling cliched caveman speech, which leads him to shorten sentences and refer to himself constantly as "Me Grimlock", never "I" (i.e. "Me Grimlock no bozo! Me KING!") - the reason for this varies from depiction to depiction, with some making it the result of true mental limitations, and others vocal processor damage or a ruse Grimlock perpetrates to allow others to think of him as less intelligent than he actually is.

The toy is approximately 10" high in dinosaur mode and manufactured by Hasbro.

The Toys "R" Us U.S. exclusive release of Masterpiece Grimlock differs slightly from the Japanese version. More colors have been added on some parts of the figure. The teeth and claws on dinosaur mode are not as sharp as those on the Japanese version. Only the sword (which is molded in clear white instead of clear orange), gun and crown come as accessories.

This is a store bought box that is sealed. 

Condition:  New

Delivery within the Toronto area included. 



$175.00 incl tax